Washington dc Cat Sitting

Washington DC Cat Sitting

We offer an individualized range of Washington, DC cat sitting services in Washington DC through our District Dogs Walks. Take care of your pet to its satisfaction, ensuring it is comfortable and stress-free at home while you are away. From weekend getaways to everyday work bustle, we offer flexible scheduling, so caring for your cat readily just ‘plugs right in’ with an already-established daily groove. We are able to customize the care with feeding, playtime, and plenty of cuddles.

In other words, whenever District Dogs Walks is chosen, the care and comfort of your cat are in the hands of professionals who are dedicated to giving the best. We are very proud to have an environment that is very conducive to your cat feeling at home, thus letting you, the pet owner, have peace of mind. Reliable cat sitting service in Washington, DC, making sure your cat is in the best hands and gets all the attention and affection while you are gone.

In-home care for your feline friend

Our professional pet sitters eagerly offer in-home visits to ensure your cat remains joyful and to offer you peace of mind while you’re away. We require a brief consultation before we can arrange cat sitting services for you. During our in-home cat care visits, we provide:

– A 15- to 20-minute in-home visit;
– A well-being check to make sure your cat is safe and happy during your absence;
– Providing your cat fresh water, food, treats, and any required medications per your instructions;
– Lots and lots of pictures;
– Litter box cleaning.


Getting Started with Cat Sitting Services