About our Walkers

Meet Jason, our Partner and General Manager

In 2018, I started doing dog walks with Wag and Rover outside of my regular job. My interest in starting my own business led me to connect with District Dogs, where I have been managing operations since 2019. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and walking countless pups!

My journey into dog walking with Wag and Rover began after the loss of my own dog. Wanting to still be around dogs, it seemed like the next best thing!

I’m everywhere in the neighborhood! I’m always on the lookout for new areas to establish routes, walking dogs that don’t yet have a permanent walker, or stepping in for your favorite walker!

The safety of the pups is my top priority. This includes ensuring doors are not left open or unsecured when entering or exiting homes, maintaining a firm grip on all leashes, and being highly vigilant of our surroundings, including cars, other dogs, chicken bones, and any potential hazards.

One of my favorite experiences is gaining new clients who are initially hesitant and unsure about their dogs’ ability to interact with other dogs on group walks. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how happy they become once we successfully integrate their dogs into the group, helping them become socialized and make new furry friends!

Meet Jacob, a Partner at District Dogs Walks

Meet the man behind District Dogs Walks—Jacob Hensley. Starting back in 2014 as the one-man crew for the district, Jacob turned his love for animals and outdoor adventure into Washington, D.C.’s #1 recommended dog-walking service. Providing the personalized, loving care that every dog deserved was that one simple mission, and it is a spark that started his journey and continued to be the philosophy at the core of everything District Dogs Walks does today.

Jacob isn’t your everyday dog walker; he’s the visionary who set the pace for what District Dogs Walks represents. Jacob may not walk dogs every other day, but he is always ready to pitch in and hit the pavement with the pups whenever they need him. He adds an extra special quality to every walk with many years’ experience and deep love for the dogs. He is a personal pack with two lovely dogs: Molly and Elke. They are not just a joy in his life, but also a constant reminder of why he has started this business.

Under Jacob’s helm, the District Dogs Walks have definitely become much more than just a service—it’s a community built on trust, care, and joy from seeing happy dogs explore the D.C. neighborhoods. With a practical approach and pursuit of excellence, each dog feels treated as if they were part of Jacob’s big furry extended family by District Dogs Walks.


I started walking twelve years ago—not as a dog walker, but as an apprentice to a pet care guru of twenty-plus years in the practice of dog companionship. This experience polished not only my skills in that field but also deepened my love for that profession, which made me join District Dogs Walks in 2023. As I made my way through the busy neighborhoods of Crestwood, Columbia Heights, Shaw, Van Ness, and Woodley Park, one wag and sniff at a time, so shall I bring my joy and exuberance for your company to each homeowner encountered.

What seemed a temporary job actually flourished into a passion-driven career; my love of the dogs, the excitement for an active lifestyle, and the pleasures derived from experiencing new adventures every single day was the motivation. My commitment goes past mere walks: it is the understanding and bonding with each dog, his personality, and what he individually needs to be content and safe. As long as I’m playing safe through the use of a carabine, together with a double-looped leash, and always being on the lookout where surroundings are in question, I’m trying to care for our furry friends as the best possible way.

A standout moment in my career involved overcoming the trust issues of two previously abused Coonhounds.

I turned their doubts into trust with a lot of heart, patience, and persistence, and we walked side by side for 5 wonderful years. In and of itself, this experience points toward the kind of significant and meaningful relationships that I work to build and establish with each dog under my care. If you need a dog walker in DC with years of experienced feet and the heart committed to dogs and their safety, look no further. So, let’s join in at District Dogs Walks. Every walk by itself is an adventure filled with care, fun, and dedication to your pet’s well-being. I am here to make sure that your dog’s walking experiences are really joyful and rich, deserving in all details.


Hello, I’m Kelly, your reliable Washington, D.C. dog walker from District Dogs Walks. It has been an awesome pleasure being your friend and turning my lifelong passion for animals into a job that fills my day with wagging tails and experiences that warm the heart. Through Park View, I am deeply rooted, and known every corner to give our customers’ walks not only fun but safety.

Safety is my mantra. Whether I am hustling the streets of DC or something unexpected, such as a stray dog, I am prepared. I pride myself on being very conscientious about maintaining a safe environment for the dogs I walk, no matter what could be popping up around me.

I instead approach this from a safety lens: the protection of our furry friends, and the responsible management of any stray we may encounter until help arrives. By taking me on as your dog walker, you would be making a decision that your pet is under the care of a dog lover who understands the trust placed in me to look after your furry family member. Your dog is sure to love every single step with District Dogs Walks, discovering the beauty of our city safely and happily. Let us make each walk with your dignified pet a happy-go-lucky adventure!

Meet Allyn

Allyn Wagner brings a unique background and a compassionate approach to dog walking. After earning a Master’s Degree in Immunology, he worked as a medical researcher at Walter Reed Hospital, where his deep-rooted love for animals was in conflict with some of the work being done. However, this experience equipped him with a profound understanding of animal health, wellness, and compassionate care.

Allyn offers comprehensive pet care that goes well beyond daily walks. His services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet, including feeding, grooming referrals, and behavioral advice, ensuring a holistic approach to pet wellness.

It is Allyn’s philosophy that pets are integral family members, deserving of the same love, respect, and attention as humans. Above all, he values honor and loyalty, making him a well-trusted and beloved figure among pet owners in Washington, D.C.

Allyn services the 14th Street and 17th Street corridors and welcomes dogs from all neighborhoods into his home.

A memorable and touching testament to Allyn’s character came when he accompanied a client and her dog during their final moments together after a tough battle with doggy cancer, as the owner could not face the heartbreaking decision to put her down alone. Allyn’s willingness to be there during such an intensely personal and difficult time speaks volumes about his compassion, empathy, and the deep bonds he forms with both the pets and their owners he serves.


I’ve been passionate about dog walking in DC since 2017, starting with DWDC in DuPont and extending my services to Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, and Kalorama Park. Raised in DC and later Maryland, my life has always been surrounded by animals, guiding me naturally to dog walking. Now, I mainly operate in the NE area, covering Navy Yard, Capitol Hill, and Brookland. My commitment is rooted in ensuring the safety and care of the pets, especially those with special needs like digestive issues and mobility challenges. A recent highlight was successfully handling an encounter between a non-friendly dog under my care and a loose neighbor’s dog, ensuring the safety of all involved. This dedication is fueled by my belief that animals deserve our utmost support.

Meet Erica

Hello, pet parents of the U Street corridor, Columbia Heights, Petworth, Dupont, and Foggy Bottom areas! My name is Erica, and I’m thrilled to offer you my dedicated services as part of District Dogs Walks. With an unwavering passion for our furry friends and a professional journey spanning over 2 1/2 years working full-time with dogs and cats, I bring a wealth of experience and love to my role as your pet’s caregiver.

A Lifetime of Love and Care: From a very young age, I’ve been surrounded by dogs and cats, owning them, and volunteering for several animal nonprofits. My life has been enriched by these wonderful creatures, and it’s my mission to give back to them the love, safety, and security they deserve.

A Special Connection: My love for dogs and cats is, in my own words, almost insane. As a semi-retired lawyer, I always dreamed of spending more time with animals. Now that I have the opportunity to do so, I can honestly say it’s everything I wished for and more. I cherish every moment spent with your pets, ensuring they feel loved and secure under my care.

Personalized Attention: I believe in giving each animal my undivided attention. Understanding and responding to their cues is paramount, especially when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Rest assured, the dogs I walk are always on a secure collar and leash, which I hold onto tightly, no matter the situation.

Experience in Action: I recall an instance where I was walking two dogs, and one unexpectedly became reactive towards the other. With quick thinking, I intervened, placing myself between them, and managed to de-escalate the situation by separating them safely. After ensuring they were calm, I immediately informed their owners and took care of each dog individually. This experience underscores my commitment to your pet’s safety and well-being.

Your Trusted Partner: Choosing me as your pet’s companion means they’re in hands that genuinely care and possess the experience to handle any situation with calm and expertise. I look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and your pet, filled with trust, care, and lots of fun walks!

Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring your pet’s happiness and safety with every step we take. Welcome to District Dogs Walks, where your pet’s well-being is my top priority.

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